The refreshed classical Minesweeper: avoid all the mines! Quick, easy and free! The goal of this game is to find all the hidden mines in the field without blowing them! You can take advantage from clues about the number of neighboring mines.

To play you have to click to one of the hidden cases. If you find a mine, the game ends. If you open an empty case, a number tell you how many mines are in the neighboring cases.

  • A lot of levels to play (also the standard beginner, intermediate and expert levels)
  • Custom level to specify your preferred size and difficulty
  • Best times with hundredth of a second resolution
  • Zoom
  • Sound effects
  • Accessible with TalkBack
  • High Contrast mode
  • Optimized for battery and memory usage
  • For Chromebook and Android devices

This app includes the support for TalkBack and two high constrast modes to improve its accessibility.

More information on Wikipedia and Authoritative Minesweeper.

Minesweeper on Android   Minesweeper on Android: orange theme   Minesweeper on Android: blue theme   Minesweeper on Android: halloween theme   Minesweeper on Android: high contrast theme

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  • Accessibility on Android devices:
    • Compatible with TalkBack (AndroidAccessibility)
    • High contrast mode