Sette e mezzo (7 and a half) is the Italian version of the Blackjack card game. This version allows you to have fun against virtual opponents (it's single player), it doesn't use real money and the virtual one can be increased by winning or through other in-app activities. The virtual cards are shuffled with state-of-the-art algorithms that ensure fair and fun play.

Rules of Sette e mezzo

The aim of the game is similar to Blackjack: you have to achieve the highest possible score without exceeding 7 and a half points: in this case the player is said to "bust". The dealer must try to match or exceed the other players score without going bust. He wins and collects bets from players who bust or score less than or equal to him. He loses and pays otherwise.

Cards from Ace to 7 are worth their numerical value, while face cards (J, Q, K) are worth half a point. The king of diamonds is the wild one and can assume the value from half to 7 points at player’s discretion. The 7 and a half made with only two cards is called a real seven and a half (sette e mezzo reale).

With Italian and international cards.

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Sette e mezzo card game on Android Sette e mezzo card game on Android Sette e mezzo card game on Android

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