A wonderful app reporting the suggested timing to cook food in pressure cookers. It suggests minimum and maximum times and allow to easily set timers. As the results may vary with food type, taste, culinary traditions or even by the altitude of the place where you live, you can easily update the suggested times.

  • It shows the cooking times with pressure cookers;
  • It shows a symbol with the required water;
  • It set timers by pressing a button;
  • You can modify the data if you are not satisfied with the suggested times;
  • It is accessible with TalkBack.
Note this app does not include recipes, it is intended as a quick way to remember times and set timers.

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Pressure Cooking Times for iPhone: screenshot Pressure Cooking Times for iPhone: screenshot Pressure Cooking Times for iPhone: screenshot

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Table of the suggested cooking times

Times and results may vary as you change temperature, pressure, water, recipe and type of food, and may be related to your taste. Times are intended from valve whistle or jiggle.

Fresh beans1518Well covered
Dry beans3540Well covered
Lentils1215Well covered
Chickpeas2530Well covered
Fresh fava beans1015Well covered
Dry fava beans3540Well covered
Artichokes (whole)1012Covered
Artichokes (chunks)68Covered
Green beens24Covered
Beets (slices)34Covered
Beets (whole)1214Covered
Brussels sprouts34Covered
Corn on the cob34Covered
Apples chunks22Covered
Potatoes slices56Covered
Medium potatoes1518Covered
Small potatoes57Covered
Sweet potatoes45Covered
Barley1520Well covered
Quinoa7 7Well covered
Rice57Well covered
Fall squash34Covered
Summer squash23Covered
Turnips (slices)23Covered
Lobster8122 glasses
Octopus18202 glasses
Cuttlefish241 glass
Chicken (pieces)1012Covered
Whole chicken1820Covered
Meat roast4060
Meat cubes1520

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  • Accessibility on Android devices:
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